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Was anyone else supposed to fly to Aberdeen 11th December?


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I'm just wondering if anyone else was supposed to fly to Aberdeen on Friday 11th December 7.45pm flight?


If so, did you try to claim compensation?



I tried to claim compensation from Loganair due to the fact it was cancelled, and we were only able to fly away at 12.20pm the following day. My main reason for the trip was to watch Aberdeen v Hearts, but it kicked off at 12:30pm, so I missed the whole match.


Loganair tell me they arranged for another plane to fill in for the broken one, but the airport closed before they could fulfil the flight, therefore they are not responsible and won't pay compensation.


I find this highly doubtful. Even if it's true, it's still Loganair's fault the original plane wasn't fit to fly.

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I was not on this flight but sounds to me like they are fobbing you off. They can only refuse a claim for cancellation if extraordinary circumstances out of their control exist I.e extreme weather, air traffic strike. If the plane went tech it matters not what time the airport closed. If you do not agree with an airlines response you can get the opinion of the CIvil Aviation Authority on the matter. Click the link to fill in the form at the bottom of the web page on this link;




Hope it works out for you.

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