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Affordable Housing

Equality Street

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Don't get to exited... Last week it was cancer, this week, muslims  next week, who knows...


Having said that, it would appear to be a facet of a "conversation" that should be had and, so far, has been denied to the population by our "leaders".


Just don't like links to what appear to be sensationalist youtube videos.


Still, better "arm" ourselves.. Just in case.... :evil:

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Didn't bother watching the video but, only a fool would believe that the "caliphate" would restrict itself to the Middle East.  Muslims (of all nationalities) exist in every country throughout the world..    


Trouble is that a small number of them want to play "soldier of god" and, despite the wishes of the general population, want to impose their version of islam on everyone. 

More worrying is that islam, as it is practiced by the minority (and supported by a possible majority), seems to have almost zero tolerance of any other faith and, a lot of it's practices are "barbaric" by western standards.


If you're not for them, you're against them.


Make your mind up time..

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islam is were Christianity was 700 years back its just that our nuts were restricted because of lack of communication and transport. nowt isis has done has not been done in Christs name. none of it is based on the real faith just mans desire for power and control. most people of faith or none are perfectly normal and nice people. i hate fear mongers.

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While I accept that Catholicism was instrumental in the start of Islam, and all religions that encourage hatred are wrong to do so.


Affordable housing is a basic start to loving our neighbour. 


What happens when we do create affordable housing, and they then become nightmare neighbours?


One of the hardest things in the world is to love your neighbour?(when they are being an ---)I guess that is why Jesus ended up on a cross as it was too much to ask?


What are the solutions to affordable housing and good neighbours?

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What are the solutions to.....good neighbours?


High walls, very high walls, 100% effective soundproofing, and invisibility cloaks for them to wear would go quite a way. That, and the removal of this deranged concept that you can throw any number of random people in to a restricted space and expect them play one happy family, it doesn't work, never has, and almost certainly never will. Concentrate on stopping killing each other and being affected by each other in ways that make killing the other seem the only viable option.

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While I accept that Catholicism was instrumental in the start of Islam.......




Er, no it wasn't.


Islam was founded by the prophet Mohammed  in the area we call Arabia - an area that contained mainly 'pagan' tribes with a few Christian and Jewish tribes thrown into the mix.


At that point in history the two major powers in the Middle East - the Persian Empire and the Byantine were rapidly stagnating, exhausted by years of attrition.

The Arab tribes were sat outwith the effective control of either side, but before the inception of Islam they were a disparate group of tribes with no central governance or notion of state, they were loyal to tribal and blood lines and shifted alliegences within the Arab world constantly. Mohammed brought them together (but not very successfully at first) in a united cause in what was effectively a power vacuum.

This was part of the reason that the Arabs' Islamic movement was able to expand with such rapid ferocity in the first fifty years since it's inception (630AD - ish onwards).


Many of Mohammeds teachings are akin to the Old Testament/Jewish tracts, true, but to say that Catholicism was instrumental in the foundation of Islam is incorrect and, at best, a Western notion to place Islam in a subservient position to Christian ideologies. It owes as much to Judeaism as it does anything else. One God. Brothers of the Book.

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I doubt if you have the time or interest, or a good enough internet connection


But here is a balanced video on Roman Catholic connection and Islam. 




If you do watch it all, then appreciate your feedback.


Mohammed had affordable housing through his first and filthy rich wife who was a Catholic Nun.


Perhaps this is the way to get affordable housing marrying an older woman.!!

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I share with you short video clips that are of interest, as many people outside of Shetland are having a hard time with affordable housing and having good neighbours.


Shetland is a unique place in the world, and somewhat to be cherished

Some in Shetland want to keep things the same.

Plenty of groups in the UK and the rest of the world want us to change to their way of life.


Based on your comments you wish to remain ignorant of the Islam and Roman Catholic connection. 



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