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hi got a wee problem with computer 

when i switch on i'm unable to connect to internet(ethernet cable) i have to switch router off then on and 3 or 4 times i lose internet while on same thing switch router off and on.

my lap top works fine so i assume some setting in my computer but what?

any ideas?

oh and i also pressed the reset on router that didn't help


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A little more information would help...


Operating System for a start..



How "clean" is your PC?


Have you installed any new programs recently?


As your laptop is (probably) using wireless;


Have you changed the ethernet cable.  it's not unknown for them to fail.


Have you tried your ethernet cable in a different port (assuming you have the standard(?) 4 ports on the back)


Is it your router?   Do you have a spare that you can try?

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hi windows 8  no new programs also i restored computer to a date before problem started 

laptop is wireless

never thought about cable will try another port 

don't know if i have a spare router have to look 

i have windows anti virus i'll go and do a full scan now

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If you can get at the Control Panel->Network Settings, check the Adapter Configuration.

1st off, change the adapters "Power" settings.  Sometimes the network card will "time out" if it has been idle for just a few minutes.  Turn this feature Off.

Also, whilst you are in the Control Panel, take a look at the general Power Settigs options. 

Next up, it is still possible that your PC has a faulty Network Port or, that you have a faulty cable.

You can do nothing about the port but, change the cable.

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