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Truth about Cancer

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Shetland per head raises and donates to Cancer Charity more than any other area in the UK. This is a great credit to all the generous givers in Shetland.


I have watched 9 series on the truth about cancer, they are not after your money, I have been applying these treatments and feel much better. Am I the only one? Your views please on this video series?




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I don't have time to watch a two hour video at this time of night so I went to their website. It certainly is after your money. I expected to see some information about the cures they recommend but all there is a selection of videos for sale.




They seem to have upset this doctor.




Cancer is a terrible disease and I have lost a few people close to me because of it. And on a recent night out several of my friends spent part of the evening discussing their cancer treatments.


If I was to find I was suffering from it I would like to my sure there was a good scientific backing to any treatment I was offered.

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Why has cancer become so common in Shetland  in recent years ? Something must be causing it . 

It isn't any more common in Shetland than anywhere else. We just know everybody here so it seems like it. The CRUK say that 1 in 3 people will get cancer that would be nearly 7000 of the Shetland population. The good thing is more and more are being cured. 

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I have watched 9 video of one hour long on average, and these Medical Doctors are referring you back to nature, organic fruits and veg, keeping off the soda, diet soda, white bread,sugar, general processed foods etc lots of good science. Worth investing your time. How do you value your time? Do you value your health? 

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I watched some of these when they went out free recently.


They interview people that have used frankincense /cannabis oil/changing eating habits etc.


What struck me was many of the success stories came from people that had conventional treatment, and decided not to carry on with follow up treatment and instead use ttac's recommended treatments. Ttac pretty much ignored the possibility that maybe the conventional treatment worked.

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Its very difficult to have a calm, reasoned discussion about any disease as virulent and potentially fatal as cancer, due to emotive and controversial nature of all that pertains to it.

It is "impossible" to have the above discussion because of the way some people will react.


Lets face it, the human "animal" is (just about) the only one on this planet that gets to die (for the most part) a relatively peaceful death in it's own bed.  The rest (for the most part) meet a pretty violent end.


I think that cancers are a "lifestyle" disease and the causes are many but, we are all going to die of something.  I suppose the choices are fairly limited as to what you will choose to die of but, die you will, eventually.


As an  illustration;

Does anyone remember the kippering plant that used to be at Brown's Road, Lerwick?  It used to turn part of the harbour red with dye spillage/washing.  Right up until they discovered(?) that the dye used in the kippering process was extremely carcinogenic..  How many people damaged themselves working with those chemicals and, how many were damaged just by eating a hearty breakfast?


I suppose that the best action you can take would be to avoid ALL processed/manufactured foods and take your chances with the general mess that we have made of the environment.  This will not necessarily mean that you will not get cancer, but it will increase your chances of being killed by something else.  Your choice....

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One of the many suggestions I and a few others try is one Organic Lemon Juice and half a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda with some filtered water every morning, supposed to help the body have better health, 


Any views on this websites article?





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I used to work at the Browns road factory. I unblocked the red dye brine pump many times each day. I also ate the kippers straight from the kiln each night for tea. They were free and I couldn't afford anything else. The herring we used at the time were from Canada due to the North sea ban at the time. They were far bigger than North sea herring as well.  I was 16 then im 54 now so no harm was done,  My father is 80 and never had a fag out of his hand for more than a few minutes apart from sleeping for the last 65 years. Compare that to the people who look after themselves and still get cancer there doesn't seem to be any rime nor reason to who gets cancer and who doesn't.


But for the grace of god go I.!  As they say.  

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