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Student accommodation

bon scott

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Hey looks like H.N.P. is on the move and there will be student accommodation instead. As planning permission was granted.

I was walking by today and thought 80 one bedrooms. 80 students. Maybe 50 to 60 cars. Mmmm..... where will they be parked. There is a lot less space around there than at Viewforth. So where are they going to park?

Just a thought.

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Biggest damn fool scheme that the numpties in suits have dreamed up in a long time, its plain to see they neither live in or frequent the area, especially at weekends/evenings.


That chunk of road is bad enough with drunks slithering around between the Marlex, Legion and chippy and cars picking folk up/dropping them off at the best of times, before they added whoever lives in Irvine's Contractors flats, but to add up to another 80 students to the mix, with the going out on the razz en masse, and all their mates coming and going 24/7/365 they bring with them, is bordering on the psychopathic.

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The balconies on the street facing flats will just be super-awesome. What a crackin' idea! I can't see any problems from after parties spilling out on to them, folk shouting all manner of niceties and never ever dropping a glass bottle or two at least once. 10/10 to the architect for adding those!


Now, get off my lawn!

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