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Double Glazing Units.


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How long is considered to be the average lifetime of a double glazing unit?


Just noticed one that was new just under two years ago thats completely steamed up. Two years seems awfully short to me, or am i just expecting too much for the money?


The one in question isn't my problem to fix, but I know who supplied it, and I'm curious if I should be leery about buying any I may need in the future from the same supplier, if their product has quality issues.

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20+ years sounds resonable, barely two on the other hand, ridiculous. I was told they'd been gotten locally when they came, but whether that meant they'd actually been made local or just supplied by a local firm who'd gotten them made elsewhere I'm not sure.


This one may just be the turkey of the bunch though, as the rest done around the same time seem fine as yet, but will keep an eye and see how they cope.

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