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Reptile Food - chicks, mice, insects

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I can't find online if Lerwick, or perhaps even Yell, has a pet shop? The only thing I could find was an article saying a pet shop had closed.


I own two lizards and need to buy insects, mice and chicks for them.

If I can't find insects, I'll have to breed them..so that isn't the end of the world... but mice and chicks would be easier to source from a pet shop in my first year, until I've set up my quail for breeding and culling.


Thanks in advance.

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My friend uses Honeybrooks online for her birds of prey, she said if you wanted to add something to her order shes putting one in soon. You can inbox me if you like for her details.

that's awesome, thanks... I can't yet because we haven't moved to the island... We've just bought a house so another couple of months and I'll likely ask for the info xx

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