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SIC HQ - Whitehoose


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Lets hope the new AHS doesn't have any problems - after all SIC involved, better be careful with signing that one off.


I think we should be glad its being built where it is, right down in the bottom of a natural hole, where there's least chance of any bits blowing off. That tent, I'm not so confident about......a SE'er on that corner can pack quite a smack.

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The new AHS should be fine,it's being built by a south company and not the local Cowboys.

Are you sure it has anything to do with the people who built it?? And not an issue with the design or structural calculations that were decided on? A company building things normally have to follow a spec which has to be signed off, and if the work is meeting the specs you can hardly blame the contractor, look at the balls up that was made of the Sumburgh runway extension, it could be seen it wouldn't work but people were following designs and specs laid out which had to be followed, or look at the moorfield hotel, built by south company's and the tiles blew off and it leaks!

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it's the lack of honesty that troubles me. what else are they covering up.

Not really a strong point honesty and clarity with the SIC more likely to get a load of waffle and a pack of lies.

And I dread to think what they've covered up over the years, they won't even answer there freedom of information requests so hard to find out anything!

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You can't make this crap up.....




UHA Committee are gonna have to invest in a bigger Bill, or they're never gonna get it all on this year.

What the 'f''eck'!


7 months on and nothing happening, no repairs started yet, but the councils working as hard they can, sound about right for this council!

Can’t tell us what the problem is!

Can’t tell us when it’ll be fixed!

Can’t tell us how much it’ll cost!

Can’t tell us fock-all, don’t want to tell us fock-all! Unless of course it’s a pile of Sharn, typical SIC

SIC still paying the lease and liable for the repairs, I dread to think what this balls-up will end up costing us!


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.....and in true SIC fashion, lets pay a cool £ 1/2 Million plus for absolutely sweet F.A!




Then, there's the cost of the "repairs" themselves to add on..... :???:


Hiring a couple of big dozers and shoving the lot over the edge to extend the North Ness a few yards would have been much better and cheaper all round.


I wonder if they were hoping this news would get a big buried under the "good news" of the "two sheds" AHS being open for its first day of business....No chance! More like it makes folk wonder how long the "two sheds" will last before they're in the same boat.


nothing changes new council but just as much of a cock up

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the biggest problem as far as i can see with the whitehouse isit was built by contractors whos heads belong to the goat club ...they want as much money as they can screw out of the project ...the sis membership are also mostly goat club members so us the gullible public will fill their banks ....we cant have a falling out of bretheren can we   tut tut ..power rules 

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I'm maybe thick but what obligation does the SIC have to keep paying the rent? Surely as landlords SLAP are breaching the tenancy agreement by not providing a suitable building in a good state of repair.


I hope the legal eagles no doubt on a hefty wedge themselves have a way of getting that money returned in the future.


To think of care homes & schools having their budgets slashed, to chuck £536,000 away is nothing short of sickening.


As to the new AHS it was certainly thrown up in a rush so lets hope it doesn't start falling apart bit by bit in the years to come.

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