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Sumburgh Airport out court settlment


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COUNCIL leaders in Shetland have welcomed an out of court settlement with Sumburgh airport operator HIAL which will see the local authority pay a reported £5.5 million to the government-owned company.  Can anyone advice who is responsible for this action at time who decided work program way project was done,? its ok Sic using public funds Give 5.5m away this great sum when it could be used in other area Sic members must be responsible  to people why this happened explain reasons not just push under carpet dust, if no one takes responsibility in counsel why they are there in first place


second why they can give this for sum burgh when they own  a better airport scasta were by 5.5m could have extended runway for larger aircraft were by people in Shetland could get really low cost airline services to mainland, and by way low cost airlines don’t receive Financial help on Air service this would save a lot expenses to state in subsidizing air links to Shetlands and Orkney


Sum burgh what happened still  large terminal building  and  is getting redeveloped but runways still small its limited to extend  why waist monies in this case there. It better to put in new airport or extend their own scasta airports better usage for Boeing Airbus


It’s very sad this happening Sic do some wonderful things but do make large blunders as well this one in sumburgh case as usually contractors have Insurance cover to repair problems  if faults at their cost. Not from Shetland people monies. It’s very easy agree the sum but if was private funds out SIC member pockets different story again no responsibility any one takes end day it’s very sad, if Shetland requires  private Investors who would  look at projects to invest in and counsel must start look into this for housing  airports tunnels all not stop progress if they dont have there own funding 


Housing if Sic give developers land even 99 year lease open the door  they  would come build 100s new homes for people at their own expenses to sell on market. If local authority’s need low cost home could lease low cost gives to people on rent, without  spending Large amounts monies  build new homes across shetland develope outer regions and leaders could  see real   progress in regions

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Sic project managed, for a nominal sum of £1, million, instead of giving cash, thereby taking responsibility for the construction. I.e. They have been judged to be at fault for the problems.

The y would have loved to use Scatsta but could'nt afford the upgrade due to the problems with terrain and other operational difficulties

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Hi wheelsup

Thanks for feedback, note contents, but if one takes on management of project they must had Construction insurance in place were by any faults could be corrected, in other hand Client must had someone from there side there checking work getting done for payments to be given to contractors ? so faults are between two sides. But end day, why SIC if not at fault, why  must  they fork out 5.5m when Shetland economy is at low as even working people are struggling to survive with high cost live on islands, Sic can appeal to higher court even to European courts against this if they wish as 5.5m is going from states  right hand to left hand end day no real Airport for today requirements ,a lot more tourism could go to Shetland if costs air flights were low


For scatsta this airport SIC owns and could be extended as in Europe example  highway 4 lanes 2.5m per klm so scasta don’t require large investment but it be something that min 3- 4 airlines could fly into not just one operator , subsidy’s for flights to Shetland is not  require as low cost airline operate without but require normal airport runway,  forget  large terminal buildings, it’s  like cart before horse  main is  runways  and  airlines to come into Shetland and start flying .look at faroe runways in mountains but they built it  scasta is flat lands so what’s problem,  by way airports better  two in Shetlands and not one to  have to  return to Aberdeen because fog sum burgh ,Investors can be got to build extend scasta if Sic don’t have funds them self-public private partnerships are required in Shetlands on projects. They need open doors for such Investors you see Shetland develop faster in its requirements and daily needs any Sic official saying that Shetland can only have 1 airport by eu rules talking nonsense as you can have same with ferries its forbidden to stop competion in transportation sector as long abide by rules but government can refuse subsidy’s the service that’s all not to stop people developing services and to compete with others inc state

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^ Just who are all these tourists going to be that will be needed to make multiple operator sizeable flights viable? I don't know where you're at, or where you're from, but lets face it, just what is in Shetland to attract tourists? A few piles of old rocks, which is a very niche market, and the views, which I'll readily admit are generally stunning (I'm biased too though), but in your average year are viable attractions on only probably less than sixty days out of the 365.


Where do you propose these hundreds (thousands?) of tourists go and what do they do on the other 300+ days, or should we aim for total saturation during the June/July/August period when those less than 60 days are most likely to turn up, some years anyway. God forbid, as the numbers we get at that time already are nusiance enough.


If you want this kind of "pile em high sell em cheap" air travel to work, you need something here 24/7/365 to justify it and make it work - like Shetland going independent and setting its own taxes to establish itself as a "booze & fag cruise", "gambling capital" etc venue for our many high taxation at home neighbours to use.

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It was good you read my comment on development of Shetlands, First I will say that Shetland has some most beautiful archaeology sites in world and spectabile views  and lots history. And a lot people appreciate such areas


In aviation market and tourism reason Shetland don’t get so large influx tourism is mainly costs to travel there by air or sea to Aberdeen, small aircraft usually more expensive per seat than larger ones this why air flight subsidizes to Shetland,   larger aircraft it means local people on Shetland could travel cheaper to Aberdeen, even better Edinburgh or London, at low costs flights


The Shetland tourism could be from    May June/July/August possible September.  But I do agree with you that activity’s need be created for tourists and season little longer in some areas. One must move with time if not  your left behind in business .there is markets out there for Shetland tourism theres American market they would  love come there for few days  also Scandinavian visitors even uk visitors if costs are lower to get to Shetland  but needs longer runways land these aircrafts and by way  aviation fly over Shetland from America to Europe as its corridor one must have positive clear mind to move forward to develop region not narrow minds thinking  like world  ending   theirs a  future even for Shetlands to develop and be leader in market but requires worked on ,and can be done,when you have toursim there income and employment in region but must be competive priced  not over priced 


For your  last comment independent Shetland this was thought 70s and British government enter common market were by Norway got half north sea uk  got other  half as British government really though Shetland would either want return to Norway or go independent, and uk government did not want that as meant oil gas profits would be lost from Shetland waters they even appealed to local member parliament joe Grimond not go for independence in front locals or support , I don’t believe even Scotland will give Shetland total control as to much of a loss to Scottish government  even Scotland not broke strings totally from  England  to give Its  still united kingdom all they get is scottish  welsh ireland parlment  with conditions 

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