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Starting a sporting gun club in Shetland


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Being a member of a shooting club is just one of a number of 'justifiable reasons' for owning an air weapon.


But effectively, it could be the only route for any air weapon owners who live in an urban area and have no access to suitable land to shoot on - unless you run out and buy about 20 old airguns and say you collect them......

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If you use collecting as your good reason you are not allowed to shoot them


I believe that the correct interpretation is that the licence "might be conditioned to allow possession only, and should that be the case you would not be allowed to fire them".


At least that way you get to keep your guns legally for now, and can get involved by forming a shooting/air weapons club in Shetland - then re-apply to shoot on club ranges.


Or sit on your collective arses and do nothing.

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The thread is starting to drift a little from its intended purpose of accessing the interest in forming a Sporting Gun club in Shetland. To date I have only seen replies from two people who are expressing further interest. Any future posts should indicate if they have further interest or the do nothing view will probably prevail on the issue.

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