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Weather Forecasts


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Where do you go (apart from the seaweed hanging outside your front door), for an accurate weather forecast for Shetland on:-


1.  a daily basis

2.  a long term basis (and I mean what is this winter going to be like?)


Personally, I favour yr.no but they were very off this summer to the extent when I wondered if they actually knew where Shetland was, let alone the Voe of Footabrough.

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Soak an old sock in a bottle of

"Zetland North Sea Range - Clumly Bass - red vin de table - soft and fruity" and feed it to you cat.


The cat will bolt out of the door but, word has it, if it comes back, it's going to rain..



This doesn't work for people who have pured their bottle down the pan.




Personally, I throw the old sock at the cat. It then goes out, allowing me to sit and guzzle the wine. If it's going to rain, it will eventually come back in. If it's not going to rain then it will still come in, if for no other reason than to see if I've finished the wine.

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