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Electric Fence Expertise, please


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I have a 9v electric fence energiser.
In it there is a 9 volt 55Ah saline (dry) battery - no mercury, no cadmian, non-rechargeable.

At the moment it is sending out 4.5 volts on a multimeter.  Is it working at full function or are the zaps now less strong or further apart?

Do these type of batteries, as they die out, reduce their voltage or do they zap at 9 volts to the end and then stop when finished? 
(I have bought a new 9v battery from Harbro but was wondering whether this old battery has any use on an electric fence, basically)
Thank you for your info.


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Never had a 9v but on the 6v (dry battery) and 12v (wet battery) units i've had both types operated on the same principle of the pulses getting further and further apart the lower the battery charge became. I can't think of any reason why a 9v would be different, but someone with first hand experience of one will know better than me.


You'll only know if the time between pulses is significantly reducing if you've timed them on a brand new battery and can compare that to the current number. As a rule with the units I've had the initial speed would drop off slightly after a bit of time in use, and then it would keep going at that for quite a while, and the significant drop in speed would only kick in within a short time of the battery going dead. Eg. The 6v typically lasted around 60 days, would lose its initial speed after about 10 days, but only noticably slowed around 3-4 days before going dead. A tired old 12v car battery would typically last 7-10 days, lose its initial speed within a few hours, and noticably slow 12 hours or so before going flat.

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Having used 12 volt and mains electric for the last 30 years in England I can say that the pulse should be the same distance apart and depending on the machine make should have different speed setting. (Fast, slow and possibly night economy) also ensure your earth is suitably rated for the machine in question. I also have a fault finder for the fence to find out if there is a break in the wire.

If you require further assistance please PM and I will try to help/advise

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