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How awful is this! Even by posting the image of this woman they are implying she has done something wrong. Last time I was in the shop I felt as if I was a criminal as I was watched and followed the whole time I was in there, and lets be honest.. there is nothing in that shop that anyone would be bothered to pinch. Needless to say, I have not darkened their doorstep since then. Is this what Shetland has become, or are the owners just a bit over zealous.

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Your post is confused.


You seem to be implying that the woman may have stolen something, yet you say there is nothing worth stealing.


You seem to be saying that the shop is in the wrong for posting her picture despite saying that it implies the woman has done wrong.


People complain about local prices, and yet you are criticising a potential attempt to keep prices lower by reducing theft.


And you seem to have discounted the possibility that maybe she left something in the shop that they are trying to return.


So what I'm getting from your thread is


'I don't like home furnishing, so I'm going to criticise them even without knowing the full story'.


I'll admit to being surprised when it popped up on my news feed, as it's the first time I've seen something like that from a Shetland shop. But why shouldn't a shop owner try and safeguard their property? It's tough times for traders in Lerwick. Footfall is down, costs are always going up (more so now with the poor exchange rate). They have a big shop to cover the costs of. So actually it's more surprising that we haven't seen this kind of thing before now.

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Here is the link to the page in question.




If the woman had left something why not just say that an item was left in store,


If you look at my 'confused' post you will see I only said they were implying she had done something wrong.


You are the one using the word stolen in relation to the image.


Last time I was in the store I was made to feel as if I was a shoplifter that is why I have never been back.


I hope this post is not too confusing for you.

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If folk feel its important enough to be necessary to post pics of someone they don't know requesting information, they should have the decency to say why, and if they don't feel able to say why as well as posting a pic, they shouldn't post the pic. This is how all sorts of crap that get's repeated and embellished via the "it IS true" local jungle drums gets started.


If i knew who this person was, which I don't think I do, I sure as hell wouldn't be giving up who they are, simply because the person posting the pic hasn't provided proof thay they have an honest and legitimate reason to know this person's identity. So by posting the pic in the way they have it's backfiring on them with any one who does know who they are, but thinks the same way as I am.


That said, if they're expecting a 100% accurate ID they're going to have to invest in some better resolution CCTV, while those images will probably be capable of giving a short list of "maybes", they're too crap for anything else. As is already being seen in the comments, with folk disagreeing over a name already.

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Pleepsie I didn't say your post was confusing. I said it was confused.


And you brought up stealing. Unless you were using the term 'pinch' to mean squeeze.


If you didn't think that was what happened, why bring it up?


But hey, you clearly don't have a huge issue with the photo being posted. If you did, you wouldn't be spreading it further by posting the link.

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I understand the "fuss" over this and, a little more information to accompany the ID request might have been helpful.  After all, who would want their photo splashed all over "social media" without a good reason particularly if they appear to be unaware that their images were being recorded..

Looked like something you would see on Crimewatch :roll:



I HATE ccty and the very thought of it is often enough to prevent me spending money in any business that "hides" their cameras in obscure locations but, lots of local businesses and the SIC have cctv installed.  They just don't shout about it.

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