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Ferry from Orkney to Shetland - luggage check?


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I personally could not care less if my baggage is checked or not as I do not intend to carry anything that I should not, but if it helps to keep me and everyone else safe then I'm  in total agreement of it although it is a bit of a nuisance.


Why would anyone care if they are complying with the law and the ferry operators rules.

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OK, as far as I am concerned, we are already there as just about every movement can be traced by "someone" if they want to.



Maybe but, the "public" were not consulted about any of this legislation, it has been "imposed" as our leaders(?) have decided that it is necessary..  Sure, the House of Lords made a bit of a fuss about certain aspects but, it was always going to happen..


As for Serco/Northlink wanting to check baggage etc..  Just WHO empowered them, WHO deemed it necessary to scan travelers luggage and what public consultation took place to see if travelers wanted/agreed with it ?


Pretty soon, you will not be able to get on a bus without a passport or other ID.

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If Northlink are scanning baggage as a security measure maybe makes sense but are cars and commercial vehicles also scanned?.  But if, as happened to the people working at the gas plant, luggage was scanned to make sure they did not have their own supply of alcohol that is not really OK.

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Introduce passive resistance. Seed your luggage with a few bits and pieces that at first take looks like it could be a "nasty", but is perfectly innocent when further investigated. If a lot of folk did it, it would become so time consuming and labour intensive they'd soon jack it all in.

"Making things safer" my ass. Anybody thats daft enough to have "dangerous" crap in their luggage is too daft to be of any real risk, and anyone smart enough to be dangerous is also smart enough to know to keep a distance between them and that which could get them hung.

Its just yet one more act in the great charade to keep the gullible believing "There's a big nasty, nasty bogie man out there that's gonna get ya, but don't worry benevolent Big Brother will keep you all fluffy warm, cosy and safe - Just do as your told, and ask no questions, BB will take care of everything".

BB can go F*** himself. There more chance of a passing maa scootin in your mouth while you take a yawn while walking on deck, and it posioning you, than coming off in a body bag as a result of something someone took aboard in luggage.

Do they they take all lighters and matches off everybody? The two greatest dangers while at sea is sinking or a fire on board....I'd say if someone wished harm on the boat and those on board, starting fire(s) would be the most effective choice. Fat lot of good their luggage searches would do them then.

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