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Jessie M.E. Saxby

John Holroyd

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I recently picked up a collection of books on the Shetland Islands at a house clearance auction in Dumfries. They came from the private library of IDJ Sandison, whose wife had a number of books published. I'm trying to piece together the link between IDJ Sandison and Jennie Saxby as there are a number of books from Jennie in the collection, and from what basic research I've done so far I'm aware that Ian Ernest Mundell Sandison married a Ida Marter Furniss Saxby in 1921. Would Ida be Jennie's daughter or grand-daughter?


In one of the books "Threads from a Tangled Skein" there is an inscription "Ida M F Sandison but a true Edmonton Saxby from Granny 1935" Could this be Jennie Saxby who wrote this as the handwriting does look similar to other items she's written?


Lastly, inside this particular book are two handwritten poems from Jennie Saxby entitled "This is to him" and "Mist" They are not inscribed as being from her, but it's definitely her handwriting. There doesn't appear to be too much online about Jennie, but I realise she was a fairly prolific author. Is there a Shetlands museum that might like these items for any collection they may have?


thanks, John Holroyd


ps Would anyone know why there would be eight copies of the same book, Threads from a Tangled Skein in the same collection?

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John - coming to this late, but I have written a biography of Jessie to be published by The Shetland Times later this year.  I'd be interested to hear more about any remaining books you have (including possibly buying some) and particularly the two hand-written poems you describe.  Can you send me photos please?

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