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Project to evaluate how human consciousness interacts with the world


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Recently read an article (PC Magazine) about a mobile app that is being released soon with the backing of Princeton, MIT and a bunch of diverse interested parties.
The app is simple and creates an RNG (Random Number Generator) in your phone and then monitors the output. The software looks for spikes in the average RNG on both local and global scales and will then try to correlate it with events to see if their is a link. There is a fair bit of evidence that random number generators are effected by events and the experiment is trying to link this to consciousness, I guess its poking into quantum theory/telepathy/faith or however you want to label it, but they are trying to keep it fun and lightsome.
The app will give feedback to the users about spikes occurring in the RNG-osphere so its not just them using the people running the app, everyone sees whats going on. There are many ideas how this can be used - possibly to predict natural events for example, earthquake prediction is a big interest. Take a look at the link below if this interests you.  
I find this pretty fascinating stuff, the idea of  investigating how consciousness interacts with the world may lead anywhere. For it to be really interesting on a local scale as well as globally though it needs other people in Shetland onboard so if this interests you have a look at the link  below, and also if you know anyone who might find this interesting please pass the link on to them, the more people in an area who sign up the more relevant the data will be.


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Thanks for that, You reminded me of a site I used to check every day - the Global Consciousness Project 'Dot',

forgot all about it!


There's definitely something in it...


The app results will be interesting.



http://www.global-mind.org Global Conscioussness Project



http://global-mind.org/gcpdot/  where we are at the moment

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