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Do you know this tune ?


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Hi All,


I've a compilation CD called 'Shetland Under Canvas' which I bought some 16/17 years ago from High Level Music. My favourite tune on the CD is called 'Maggie Anne's Tune', which is played by Bryan Gear & Violet Tulloch.  The tune was written by Charlie Laurenson.


Does anyone know of any CDs by any artist, which contain a recording of the same tune ?  I can't find anything about it on the Internet . . . . . . . when Aly Bain played at our pub a few years ago, I played him the tune, but he said he hadn't heard it before.  Sadly, I've not found the tune on any of the few CDs that have been recorded by Bryan Gear - he really is a top-notch musician and I'd sell a kidney to be able to play like that.


I'm curious to know, did Charlie Laurenson write any other tunes ?  Did he make any recordings himself ?  Anyone know anything about him ?


Thank you for any replies . . . and 'Merry Christmas' to all !

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