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Following the council meeting today, we will see what Morgan comes up with in July.

Should be interesting!! :wink:


What happened ?






I wonder which three councillors voted not to look at the process again, ie wanted to push on with single status as it stood. My money's on Billy Stove being one of them.


It must be ones who aren't going for re-election.

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Can anyone tell me if all council employees have been offered ~£1,000 one off payment plus an extra day holiday (but their union wants more) to work three additional hours a week they already get paid for but don't have to work, i.e. they work on average 35 hours but get their first three hours overtime paid whether they work it or not.


I hear singlestatus leters are out. No heard a peep. Is everyone happy?

Is this £1000 and extra day holiday still coming ?

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I see the 1000 quid has gone but extra day leave at xMas is given.



They say....

The deal will cost the SIC £5 million in back pay and add an extra £4 million a year to their annual wage bill, pushing it up by five per cent from around £78 million.


So the most of SIC Staff must have been underpayed for years.

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