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Fibre Broadband, Gulberwick


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The key thing is the location of your green box. Due to the way copper lines were laid this may not be the one nearest your house. There are sites that tell you where  your green box is. I found one that told me  where ours is, about a mile from our house so I have been dubious about going for fibre.


I couldn't find that site again but this one should be useful. 



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The box for most of Gulberwick is to the north of Shurton at the junction of the old main road and the Gulberwick loop road. If you are in Lower Hillside or north you should get okay broadband speed via Fibre to the Cabinet. South of Lower Hillside it varies depending on which old copper cable you are connected with. Typical BT Openreach did the job on the cheap and put the fibre connection cabinet where the old PoTS cabinet was - meaning that about half the houses in Gulberwick were too far from the cabinet to get FTTC and were stuck with 1.0 to 2.0Mb connections on ADSL. Welcome to the 21st century!

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Shetland Broadband supply fixed wireless broadband in Gulberwick. Call them for a price.


What a good idea, Marvin. No use whatsoever, but you could call them for something.

Not exactly sure what you’re getting at George but I live in Gulberwick and have wireless broadband through Shetland Broadband. I have no issues with their service and consider it good value and significantly faster compared to what else is on offer in the area.

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My broadband story from last week.

Having taken up BT on their offer of fibre connection, in Ollaberry approx 500m from exchange, no idea about any green box..., I was getting 7-12Mb speeds - sufficient but no where near the speeds touted in the ads. I was also a bit disappointed with the cost of BT, who whack on charges for "extras" such as Caller Display, Anytime Calls etc. So even being careful not to call mobile / premium numbers from the landline our bill regularly came in at just over £50 a month.

Then Vodafone (who I have as my mobile provider) call me several times during work hours offering to provide our home broadband for a lot less. Even offering to pay any early exit fees that BT might come with. Sounded too good to be true, and cynical me told guy from Vodafone that I would check out the prices myself in my own time before changing anything.

Last week I got round to it, finding Vodafone to be c.£32/m inc VAT inc all the "extras". So I took the plunge, switching to Vodafone. Then I get an email from BT wanting over £250 early exit to contract fees. No problem I thought, Vodafone man said they'd cover that. But lo and behold, they don't (they did say they'd do something up to £50...) and the "Your call may be recorded for security.. blah blah blah" recording from their salesman had 'luckily' vanished. Quick calculation, £250 / £18 (saving) equals >13 months to be better off switching, so I'm better to stick with BT for 11 months that remain in my contract then switch, so I did that - using the cooling off period to change my mind.

Now the twist - BT have now reduced my bill to something not too different to what Vodafone were offering, as a sweetener for sticking with them. Can't remember the exact amounts, but it is significantly cheaper than the £50+ /m I've been paying. Maybe rattling the cage does work, it might work with other utilities too...

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