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Cutting the use of antibiotics in farming with Apple cider vinegar

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"As experts in the field of animal health work to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock, we hear from a dairy farmer who swears by giving his cows cider apple vinegar daily. It’s believed by some to be a natural antiseptic and immune system booster - able to improve a cow's ability to fend off various ailments including mastitis and foot infections. 

The Government wants to cut the amount by a fifth."




Radio 4 Farming Today.



That's great news!


Apple Cider Vinegar devotee myself :)

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I take it daily, have done for many years. I used to to eat Settlers like sweeties before the ACV, now never have a need for them. 


My goats have ACV added to their water every day and I'm sure it keeps them very healthy and assists with rumen function.


I order from Harbro for the goats and buy 5lt Biona Organic with the mother from Amazon for home use, not only do I drink it I make chutneys and pickles with it, it makes great salad dressing too. 

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