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Hmmm. Don't know what's happening there. I run Firefox on both Mac and PC and the symbols seem to work fine (they're set up to be orange if there's an unread post in a forum, as I'm sure you know) I've never used Opera, so I can't really comment


Try logging out, deleting your Shetlink cookies and logging back in. That might fix it


YadUK performed a 'server security audit' on the servers this afternoon and put in place extra server 'hardening' measures to beef up the security. I don't know if that could have caused the glitch. I didn't notice anything.


Get back to us if the problem persists

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I've noticed this a couple o times then realised that I had been logged out. Logging back in seems to cure it for me (I'm using Firefox).

The software is designed to work that way i.e. the orange icons show which posts haven't been read since the last time a user logged in.


But I really don't know what could be causing the problems you're experiencing McFly and Yowe. It must be a setting on your browsers, but apart from deleting the shetlink cookies, I don't know what to suggest.

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