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"New Post" indicators


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Today, before I'd even got any farther than the Shetlink Home Page, my computer finished installing some windoze security updates and requested that I restart. I duly did this, only to find on my return to Shetlink that all the 'New Post' indicators had been wiped and I had to do my daily browse sorting by date and time manually which was a bit tedious.


Anything you could do to sort this?


(It's not really a big deal... but if it's something simple... )

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It wouldn't matter really; phpBB is only observing the last session you connected with and showing posts made since then. When you reconnect, you get a new session and a new time-stamp. All that then happens is the server remembers which posts you read for the current session; the information is discarded after this.


At least... this is what it looks like it is doing.


From Trout, no doubt, the truth will out.

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It's Firefox I use I'm afraid. I haven't used IE for years.


Might be time to start then ;)


We've had a lot of users (on funkypool/snooker) with the same problem since one of firefox's forced updates which seems to have enabled the cookie/cache flush at browser shutdown. Without telling you, as is the norm.

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Shetlink isn't affected by Firefox clearing private data when it closes.


One thing I have noticed is that if I have left myself logged in on one machine and then use another, the post indicators may not have updated successfully. Funny thing is that it only seems to happen one way. If I use the laptop and then my main desktop all is ok. If I use my desktop and then laptop, the laptop doesn't take into account the read posts.

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Right - this is a techie mouthful...


phpBB works so far as that it holds within itself the following information:


table 1

session_id - session_start -


table 2

user_id - last_login


^^ Any plaintext is hashed before storage. Other state info is also stored.


There are then two cookies containing information relating back to the session_id stored within the database as well as your user_id and an autologin_id. This is how you can go away and come back and not have to log in .. IE6 is a different story here for several users for varying reasons - we are aware of this!


Note that the last time you logged in is noted - this time is then cross-referenced against any posts made up untl the current time and is how the indicators function.


By opening up two seperate sessions on two computers with two browsers you will open up two sessions with differing ID's within the database - and why they will appear different to you on two seperate computers.


As to why your posts did not show after your restart ArabiaTerra - it will be because either:


a) your cookies were cleared

B) your cookie session id and database session id did not match

c) in restarting your session was closed and expired

d) jeebus deemed you should start again from afresh



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