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Moving To Shetland


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Good evening,


I'm sure you have read this type of post before, so I apologise.


We (me, the wife & brand new baby)  are hoping to move up in the next 12 - 18 months. We've visited before, and am coming back up in September. We love all of the Scottish islands and have been lucky enough to visit most of the big ones. lovers of Mull in particular. We are mid to late 30s so have decided that Shetland has a bit more going on to suit our lifestyles at the moment. We like to go to Norway and other Arctic areas for our holidays, last year was Svalbard.


I'm a construction site manager with my trade being a carpenter, but would do a career change to get the move. so, obviously a job is needed, along with a new home. not sure which one to secure first? ive sent out a few emails job related but have had no reply :( is a job difficult to get? would it be a good idea to train as something else? as certain jobs are easier to get than others.


Our trip in September will be one with a view to find a great location. in my head, we will  have a home looking out to the sea, with some neighbours near by but not too busy an area.


Also, my wife will eventually need to get back to work but in the meantime, we would like her to make friends with a similar interest atm, a baby!


Thanks for taking to time to read this, and look forward to any reply's with advise.


Best wishes,


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I think you've picked the wrong time to look for a construction related job in Shetland. One of the big contractors has just paid off about 20 workers. As far as I am aware the local council has no big jobs lined up after the current two are finished. I don't think there will be much oil related building work for a few years.


Just looking at this list of jobs the main vacancies are in services industries and fish farming.



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House - are you looking to buy or rent? Whats your budget? Do you need a mortgage? What you do first depends on how much money you have to play with.


Probably best calling companies if you can and keeping an eye on classifieds. Self employment may be an option to consider for your trade. Taxi driving could be an option to start with.

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Taxi driving is probably not a good idea as too many old folk doing private hire for pin money and not enough work to go round the rest of the drivers and could be VERY seasonal or hit and miss.

There are  a lot of self employed joiners with local knowledge up here and at least now another 20 or so joiners already on the island looking for work


So I would agree with previous poster, fish farming or processing is probably your best bet initially.


You should be able to get a job easily enough, but maybe  at the bottom end of the pay ladder to start with. With your experience and management skills look for another job later once your settled up here.


You probably don't want to be living too far out of Lerwick  otherwise you may be travelling a long way to work for little money.

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Muckle Joannie, thanks for the link, ill save this one and keep an eye on it. a really big help thank you.


Tooney1, we are looking to buy, but don't really know a budget as without a job, we don't know what we can afford. we are still young so do want to continue to pay into a mortgage.


Wotsit, some good advice that we have taken on board. I'm more than happy to work in another area so we can pay bills to live on your island.


Thanks to you all for taking the time to reply to my message. I really hope that we can move up and enjoy the life you all have.


Best reagrds,


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Your best bet with the building side of things would be the bigger firms(which you have maybe already tried)

Garriock brothers



There is still plenty work about(am a joiner myself) maybe not as much as past years but always quietens down at times.

This might be worth a look too on facebook



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