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What about the small matter of the 63% of all Scottish exports that go Sooth to the rest of the UK?


That's £49bn you've just smoked, George.


Currently Scottish exports to the EU are a pathetic 16% (£12bn), and rest of world are 21% (£16bn), there's no way Scotland/Shetland can turn it's back on rUK as a trading partner.


Also, if Scotland votes Indy and joins the EU, it will have to toe the EU line on common trade agreements. It will not be able to negotiate independently with rUK. So, if the EU take their bat home regarding trade with rUK - then Scotland is stuffed regarding the £63bn.


Happy days, eh?



Are you under the impression you need a trade deal to trade?

Does the EU have a trade deal with China or the US?

There is nothing to stop Scotland trading with UK after independence.



There is no such animal as an independent trade deal for EU members. Scotland would waive any right to having its own trade agreements the minute it joins the EU. This is the situation for the whole of the UK regarding foreign trade at the present time. 


Here's the CBI's take on the matter, it is pro-EU, but demonstrates the point that I am making: http://www.cbi.org.uk/business-issues/uk-and-the-european-union/eu-business-facts/10-facts-about-eu-trade-deals-pdf/


And yet we still trade with all the countries that don't have EU trade deals.

You don't need a trade deal to trade just certain blocs like them as they are really about a lot more than trade.

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Time for a referendum on whether we should hold a second referendum or not.


If the WasteMonster has anything to do with this, they'll insist that we have a referendum to decide, democratically of course, whether we should have a referendum to decide whether we have a referendum to see if it's the wish of the people to hold a second referendum or not. Not that any of the results will affect what they do. It never has.


Yet more proof, not that we needed it, that clearly proves that Britain has never been, and never will be, a democracy as long as the system continues to run as it does, as it has done for longer than is believable.


Time to dump rUK. It is no good for us.

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There is little difference between the brexiteers and the indys, Both use the same arguments, and also deny them as suits their political ambition. I voted remain but respect the majority. I respect the views of the genuine honest independence campaigners too,but I think they too are getting unhappy with the political ambition of Laurel and Hardy.

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Perhaps we need more choices on the ballot paper.

We are in this for the long term

Why the sudden rush? We are not exactly suffering under UK rule.


Everything outside England suffers under U.K rule. They know who their friends are and they look after them. Worse still, they continue to tell us that their regal theocracy is democratic.


How do you spell, "Parasitical, lying bar stewards" because that's what they are, IMHO.

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