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SIC election results

Davie P

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Some drama at the Clickimin! http://www.shetnews.co.uk/features/election-2017/news-feed/14537-live-from-the-sic-election-count-at-clickimin


Gary Robinson not being re-elected is quite an upset. I canna mind a councillor of such 'senior rank' not regaining their seat. I thought he was good at his job, but I don't live in the westside so I suppose it doesn't matter what I think today!

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Just read on http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2017/05/05/live-council-election-count-clickiminthat the turnout was 25%. That's pretty poor, or is that par for the course?


That was at 5pm last night with 5 hours still to go and before the majority came home from work i guess.  Actual turnout, from the same article, were as below.


North Isles - 66% (quoted as nearly 2/3)

Shetland North - 50%

Shetland West - 60%

Shetland Central - 40%

Shetland South - No vote

Lerwick North - 42.8%

Lerwick South - 43.7%


For comparison, overall turnout in the parlimerntary elections last year was 62.1% and for the last council election it was 54.2%

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Glad to see Duncan Simpson getting in. Being young and level headed is a rare combo.


Similarly glad to see Tinkler getting nowhere (the voters must all be nasty vile nationalist artistic never-served-in-the-forces-or-became-scientific-boffin types woop! woop!). I have my popcorn ready for the Shetland Times comments section! He did try [a lot of peoples patience] so I can't really knock him too much. But it's a relief nonetheless.

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