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New Esplanade road layout


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so just to clarify, do we not need to stop for people at that thing then? i dont but have always wondered what it was 

I thought we always had to stop for pedestrians in the road (saves on carnage ;-) ).


I recall several years ago in London and think I've mentioned this before on here ...


... A mate was a motorcycle courier.  He was driving along Clerkenwell Road and ended up in the doorway of a magician's shop because a pedestrian had stepped out onto a zebra crossing without looking.  He wasn't speeding and was driving in accordance with the road and weather conditions, etc.  The pedestrian started to have a go at my mate (who had several hundreds of pounds' worth of damage to his CX500 and I think, if I mind right, he'd broke his leg).  Thankfully, there was a police officer who witnessed the entire thing and nicked the pedestrian!

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Yes , I noticed the lighting at the Viking Bus station is particularly poor and difficult to see people waiting to cross at night. You really need to anticipate the possibility of people crossin* and adjust your speed accordngly

Your approaching a zebra crossing, of course you should anticipate people crossing!! No matter day or night, good light or bad!

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Yes I think the 20mph starts before you get to the roundabout at th3 foot of Knab road/Muckle Kirk. Probably for the school kids. :-)


That was clever. Then move the kids someplace else with a 30 limit only months later.


Stable door......horse......bolted


Flashing 20mph signs up on lochside.

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