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Qualified Electrician Question - Fluorescent Tube Lights?

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Standard 4 ft Fluorescent Tube Light fitting in a domestic situation, affixed direct on to a plasterboard ceiling.


If the light had been on for say 1 hour, how hot to the touch would the outer metal casing of the light fitting covering the ballast be expected to get from it, if its functioning as intended.


Warm, hot, or too hot to hold for more than 30 secs or it'll burn your fingers?


i'm guessing 'warm', but I'm none too familiar with these other than bunging in tubes and starters, or putting up/taking down the whole fitting, so I thought I'd best check with smarter people.



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Time to change the ballast or whole fitting, heat is caused by the ballast as it is basically a  transformer,

if it is creating excessive heat then the insulation is breaking down (which happens with age) dinna leave it too long as it will eventually draw too much current and  cause nuisance trips in your consumer unit or if still old school fuses or push button trips there is a slight possibility of fire.

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Cheers for that. Were it mine I'd just have scrapped it already, as anything too hot to hold on to thats attached directly to a ceiling is never going to be a good idea in my book.


However, this is SIC - Housing we're dealing with, and if they decide to get their regular cob on, a little 'back up' helps make them see sense. Thanks.

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