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Singer Looking for Band for Jamming/performing


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So, not sure if this is the right place to post this (maybe should be in the classifieds *shrugs*) but what the hey...


I'm a singer (and, i'm ashamed to say, Only a Singer, can't play instruments) my name is Ian, I'm 23 and I'm looking for a band to jam with and/or perform with.

My vocal range sits at about Tenor-Alto (So solid middle to shallow high). I've got a great ear and can sing smoothly or roughly with solid projection (and, crucially, In key). .


In terms of what i'm interested in playing: I'm easy really. I'd be quite happy just covering existing popular songs or tackling original compositions, i don't mind

(with one exception, i will not under any circumstances be singing "Wagon Wheel" by Darius Rucker  :razz:  :mrgreen:). I can give you a good idea of what i'm taking about, what kinda music I'd

wanna play by just listing off a few bands, i guess (that i like and can sing comfortably):



Alice in Chains

The Black Angels


David Bowie

The Doors


Lou Reed

My Morning Jacket (wishful thinking with this one, really)

Mastodon (with difficulty, but i assure you)

Pearl Jam


Paul Simon

Bob Dylan


That kinda thing, but again, i'm easy and open to suggestions (as long as it's interesting/has some edge to it - can't be arsed with Top 40 stuff)

Oh and i have a dad who'll lend me his P.A. system


If anyone's interested don't hesitate to send me a message or email me at: Ipriest54753@Gmail.com,

Much love 






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