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Proposed new recycling scheme isles-wide


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Are they off their (rubbish) trolleys?

"There is a proposed four-week cycle whereby non-recyclable waste would be collected one week, paper and card in the second week, non-recyclable waste in the third week and then plastic, cans and cartons in the fourth week"



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The article raises a couple of points..


"An existing derogation allowing Shetland’s household waste to be incinerated at the Greenhead-based energy recovery plant will not be extended"


Is this the end of the Greenhead plant?


"a hypothetical recycling rate of 20 per cent would generate enough income to cut the cost of collecting waste by £25,000 a year from a current level of £1.17 million."


There's the 'h' word again..  Looks like someone has been busy modelling with a spreadsheet and, if I may say so, 25K as a percentage of 1.7M is so small as to be almost insignificant.  Easily swallowed up by a number of possibilities.


“Non-recyclable waste will be collected fortnightly from the usual collection location for each household.”


Does this mean that, eg; a chicken carcass has to be kept for up to a fortnight before it is collected?  Plenty of time to generate loads of flies I suppose..


"It also notes that “much of the content of a typical black refuse bag in Shetland is recyclable – but very difficult to separate form residual non-recyclable waste”.


OK, no problem (for me) here as I tend to separate waste at source..  Plastic into one carrier bag, tins into another etc.  At the moment, I place the whole lot into a single black bag.  Seems that now I am, perhaps, going  to be "forced" to buy/use extra bags.  Forget any idea of "waste containers".  Like a lot of other people, I have a number of steps up to the road and, I just don't fancy the idea of having to drag 2-4 weeks of rubbish in a huge plastic "bucket" up the steps.  Furthermore, I have little/no space to keep the "containers" either.


“Adopting this new collection model will make a sorting process viable and allow the SIC to access high-value recycling income streams,”


The needle on my "sprootle detector" is starting to tremble..  I wonder if the reports author factored in the cost (and other) implications of shipping the rubbish out?   Remember the plague of flies imported(?) with rubbish from Orkney?


"There is a proposed four-week cycle whereby non-recyclable waste would be collected one week, paper and card in the second week, non-recyclable waste in the third week and then plastic, cans and cartons in the fourth week."


OK, fairly easy to get my head around this..

"Non Recyclable" waste (food etc) would be collected fortnightly..  The other two categories would be collected monthly.. 

What are the odds on people getting confused as to just which category of rubbish is to be collected in which week?  Getting it wrong could mean household rubbish would accumulate quite dramatically.  Month old chicken rigs anyone?


"ZWS estimates that the quantity of waste recycled would rise from around 220 tonnes a year to somewhere between 1,150 and 1,750 tonnes."


Estimates?  Well, at least they have allowed 600 tons of "wiggle room".  I would wonder if they would hit the lower limit as, given the foregoing comments, a lot of paper/plastic might find itself re-classified as "garden waste" or "rayburn fodder" and get incinerated on site.


"the report also notes that the SIC is currently discussing the possibility of transferring responsibility for the energy recovery plant to Shetland Heat Energy and Power (SHEAP)."


Typical SIC.  Find something that might turn in a few bob, throw time effort and cash at it then, give it away... 


"“find and use waste streams that maintain sufficient calorific content”"


The needle on my "sprootle meter" is now "pegging".  Couldn't they have simply said "separate what burns from what doesn't"


“significant demand for places to take residual waste”


They will still have to find somewhere to store what's left over and, there are few/no places available..  Are the SIC going to start thowing stuff "over the banks" ? :mrgreen:

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What pin brain thought up that pile of bovne excrement, there's not even the beginnings of a good idea anywhere in it.


What happened to the much vaunted, but now suspiciously silent OIOF and their 'island proofing"? I guess it died as suddenly and along with Mr. Robinson's burgeoning political plans.

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So it'll probably mean using more black bin bags to separate all the different stuff. Hardly environmental, but definitely mental. I live alone and 'struggle' to fill a black bag on a weekly basis, but having lived with fortnightly collections down south, I wouldn't want to go back to that nonsense. 

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As I understand it, the main reason that weekly refuse collection services were established in the first place was to address concerns re public health posed by non-recyclable (i.e. food) waste. Writing fancy reports full of pc management speak changes nothing, but I guess we will have to find out the hard way first.

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So, which week can you throw away your card cartons. The card week, the carton week, or both? :ponders:


Is there any sound practical reason(s) behind these dumbass proposals, or is it just Frau Sturgeon and more of her 'you vill ALL get viss de program' antics so she can tick a little box someplace while gazing longingly at any one of the dozens of portraits of Salmond that seem to litter wherever the SNP dwell.

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Will they give us outlying regions (ie anywhere outwith the Big L) the wheelie bins to store the stinking bags?

They will probably charge you at a discounted rate of £way too much for a wheelie bin or 'free' ... but when it's blown away a crazy amount to replace it.  Incidentally, I don't think they can actually force you to use certain coloured bins provided that your refuse is marked as to what type it is.  They tried to force wheelie bins on us in Newham and some of us looked at the legislation regarding rubbish collection and it was deemed that a black bag was 'a suitable receptacle'.

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I take it the SIC have never heard of split load rubbish trucks.


Many urban areas where this crap can sorta work, split loaders are the norm, approx 60% capacity takes the 'rubbish' rubbish every collection, and approx 40% capacity takes whatever recycable its the week for. Not perfect, but at least it means your crap doesn't stink any worse than it does now.


They buy new trucks regularly, just get split loaders next time round, and tell Scottie to whistle until that time comes.....unless of course they wanna buy them for them right now.

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