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Advice on starting a business on Shetland.

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You need to register with HMRC as self employed and keep records of your finances so you can complete your self assessment tax return each year.




Having business insurance is a good idea



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Are you a time served joiner, have you worked for any local joinery firms?


Familiarity and reputation goes a long way in getting work. Folk tend to be reluctant to hire anyone, either self-employed or a business, without knowing something about them.


Its not impossible for an unknown to get started and build reputation and familiarity, especially if there's a shortage in their trade at the time, but its the long slow way.

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I would agree with much of what's been said. There are lot's of highly skilled joiners in Shetland, so a high skill level is important. Secondly, quality of work - that means recognising that for exterior work at least, work must be completed which will withstand Shetland's weather extremes rather than seeking to do it cheaply. Well finished work that's secure and long lasting will quickly gain you a good reputation which in turn will lead to more work. You'll also do well if you're willing to carry out small jobs which many of the firm's here aren't currently interested in.

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