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No definitely not me ,but if my memory serves me correctly much of this was of "sectional"building made up of prefabricated sections all bolted together,so ma'be they could be dismantled carefully and reused .

This would give them a secondhand value and could provide some good outhouses,"waste not want not". 

Guess it will be more economical to put in the "caterpillars",

If they put it on Shetlink for charity we could all go and take a bit. !!! 

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Dir is certainly a lot o steel in da 3 main teaching blocks. I wid imagine it wid be a case of knocking oot da panels (dey canna be far awaa fay fallin oot demsels!) and dismantling da beams - more of a crane and oxy acetylene job dan joost knocking it ower and clearin up da bruck. 

I dunna ken much aboot how contractors price dat kind o wark (whether dey keep and sell-on da recyclable materials or no) but da reclaimed steel will be worth a pretty penny which wid keep da bottom line o da budget doon a fair bit. 

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The roofs inside were sprayed with some kind of "screed" to provide a fire barrier ,this could be a health hazard and add some complexity and cost to the demolition.

Yeah! the steel will certainly have a scrap value,almost sure there must be more that could be saved from land fill,but would guess that is the way most of will go.

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