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Expiring adverts

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I'll second that.


There's something disproportionately irritating to see ads that have been marked as "Sold" boasting a "Renew" button, but ones that have been relisted no more than once lumbered with an "Expired" marker.


Is there any set rule of thumb for when an ad gets an "Expired" marker on it, as if there is its not obvious. I've had some I've relisted a number of times that I've given up on as unsellable that can still be renewed, but as noted above, others which have only been renewed the once have gone "Expired".


As shetlandcars says, the ability to open expired ads to copy/paste and lift the pic(s) would go a long way to help solve the issue. Rewriting plus hunting pics, if you even kept them, when you only intended to click one button once does the blood pressure of lazy barstewards like me no good at all. ;)

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