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Spiders eek!


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anyoen who knwo me wil be sick of this story. as i alway tell it when the topic of spiders coems up.. but here goes :P


In Japan many years ago on the school exchage.. we were walking down a forrest track.. ( first night in this place ) I was marchng on ahead as the rest sauntered along.... ( i should add it si pitch black and you can only see by the moonlight... ) next thing i know/feel is this strange sensation over my face.. and I instantly realise it was a spiders web.. this spiders web had been spun across the width fo the track.. man im sure i probably screamed liek a girl.. but my manly extrerior doesnt let me remember that bit :P


: shudder :

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arrrrgh do you realise how hard it wiz tae get to sleep last night incase that thing got in my room!! Whit if it haes a partner cos my window wiz open wide all day yesterday and it might o come in me room..... eeeeeek i will never get tae sleep tonite at all :(


an no i coodna hit it wie da Shetland time... eeeeuch, imagine da pop wie a thing yun size.... noooooo way! 8O

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