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Christmas tree still at Market Cross mid January

Lerwick antiques

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....and then the Cooncil comes along and destroys the fun, as usual. ;)




They surely could have left it for another six days seeing as they'd left it this long ...... :twisted:


Never mind though, I'm sure the Bill painters will find a corner to give it a mention....


'Dis year, will wir Bill hae onyplace ta be, fur we're been replaced be Livin Lerrik's bloody Christmas tree.....'


I'll get me coat.....a poet Im no.

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Funny how the article blames the roads department as Living Lerwick tells us shop keepers that they are in charge of the christmas tree and decorations and we HAVE TO pay for it out of our yearly levy to Living Lerwick.


It was also a poor excuse that it couldn't be removed due to gritting roads and icy weather, what is the weather normally like in January? roasting hot sun?

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