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Perhaps we just need a better bin design.

How about hollow glass spheres that are joined together in the middle with a big threaded section, we could make use of that mountain of glass we have accumulated the last few years..

They would sit well in a hollow in the ground, could be collected with a giant suction hose, emptied, ultrasonically cleaned, returned.

You could move them around with a little cart and wheels, unless you fancy rolling them down the hill. :-)


Some thick flexible plastic material container you could put your rubbish in, and some kind of heavy flexible structure you could put on top to stop it blowing away..

You could have different coloured flexible plastic material containers too..

Related link:


Related picture, see profile...

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> "Please don't put recycling in plastic bags"


That refers to the recycling bins, its from this page:


This page lists generally what you should and shouldn't put in your ordinary non-recycling rubbish bags/etc.


As such, it comes across to me as a request, not an order to use the recycling wheelie bins.

It reminds me in London that we had a kitchen rubbish bin and a garden bin, as such the rule was if you bought an apple from a shop and disposed of the remains in the kitchen, it went in the kitchen bin, but if you had an apple tree and it fell in the garden, it had to go in the garden bin..

But what if you took an apple from the kitchen and peeled it in the garden, where would the apple waste go then..

Would the council really check to see where the apple originally came from. :-)

If it is an order, I'd like to see where it is written down as such from an official source in a clear manner, otherwise the practical solution for folk is to continue using the old way of doing things and get their rubbish collected every two weeks instead of every week.

Those of us who can and want to recycle with special bins can do so, those who cannot easily, or don't want to, do not legally have to.


I do recall a while ago someone writing someplace about the council having a legal obligation to collect *all* rubbish for free, but I've lost the reference and cannot find it again !

As I remember there was quite a bit of fuss in London over collection of fridge/freezers, which was beginning to clutter up the neighbourhood, and as the council charged £25 a time to collect them, few got collected.

I did ask, just how much did it cost them to collect them, and how much did the charges bring in income wise, but no one wanted to answer that question..

After a bit of a fuss was made, they did start collecting them for free, and we stopped seeing dozens of them appearing at night down dark alley ways..


Councils are prone to moving the goal posts at the drop of a hat I notice, and what is legal today suddenly becomes illegal tomorrow, without anyone informing you of it, except in a letter after the fact telling you that your bin was suspected of weighing too much and they refused to empty it. (I used to weigh mine to be sure it wasn't over the limit !)

I tried really really hard to be a model citizen, but its really difficult when the rules keep changing, or they aren't clear just what they are..

Like again in London, we used to put our bins outside on the pavement, then we got wheelie bins, and instructions on putting the bins out, which wasn't clear if they meant putting them out on the pavement like we used to, or putting them in our front garden.

Lots of people put them out on the pavement and got into trouble for it !

After repeated editing of the wording, eventually it was clear they meant, put the bins only in your garden and not on the pavement.


But why it couldn't have been written in plain English in the first place I don't know.

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I wonder if you arrange to dispose of your own rubbish in a green and legal manner you would get a discount on council tax.



Why would you (get a discount on your council tax that is - not to arrange to dispose of our own rubbish which surely would be encouraged.)


Your council tax goes towards paying for local services such as schools, roads etc.  Not just refuse collecting.


It's like phoning the BBC and asking for a discount on your TV licence because you don't watch BBC Four.

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Having been reading up on and attending the meeting about the Wheelie bins and what can and cant go in them i am still at a loss to what i actually can and cant,I asked at the meeting what is the difference between a plastic milk bottle and a plastic yogurt pot to which we got some long winded rabble about burning clean plastic and dirty plastic blah blah blah,We also live in a built up housing scheme with lots of steps above and below the collection area,and when asked what they planned too do about this he said we will get 1 big blue lidded bin and 1big grey lidded bin the same size as we already have to put our rubbish in,when i asked them where the bin for the black bags was going he said it will be their as well,when i pointed out that there was no room for 3 bins he asked where we stayed and said they would have a look to see what they could do,Anyway my take on it is that i am all for recycling but until they the Cooncil can get this sorted then i will continue to fire it all in the black bag and take it to the dump and whap it in the skip,its no like they can have a man standing in the skip checking every black bag(although this is the SIC anything is possible) 

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Looks lik wir no gyaan ta gyit wir ain bins. Dir twa muckle brutes near da end o wir rod. I doot dey’ll be fleein about dis winter. Hit cleaned up a concrere waa twa winters fae syne. No wha wid be da “responsible person” if dey tak aff an hit a car or da porch o a hoose?

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