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So the EU suddenly decide we can have a comprehensive free trade agreement as long as we leave access to our fishing grounds as it is.   What a surprise! They are well aware of the value of our fishi

That's what we want back now George.....

When was any Tory a politician, as opposed to a leech doing no more tan the very best for himself?

Oh yes, balls at the ready  :rofl: I doubt that the influence of Germany over the EU will stop anytime soon.



That's correct.  Spain and the Dutch have destroyed their respective fishing grounds, and they are "rewarded" with the EU turning a blind eye to its activities on the West coast of Africa. The EU are turning back into the Holy Roman Empire with each passing year ( oooohhh, controversial  :twisted:  )


An unholy satanic marriage of Soviet Communism and National Socialism more like, and not 'turning', 'turned' since circa 1990.


'73 folk feared Continentals would fish to our beaches and clean out everything that swam, '90 folk feared what would grow out of re-unification when the wall came down......Don't you just hate it when the worst nighmares of crystal ball gazers come true twice in a row.....


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