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seals and salmon

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Yes it is ironic if a pod of Orcas came and devoured  dozens of seals everyone would be out admiring the spectacle,but if someone should shoot one they are condemned for doing so.


But we all know what would be the better exit for the poor unfortunate seal.


Of course as the years go by and the numbers of not only seals but other protected wild animals increase eventually their will have to be a cull to control them unless some natural disease or  predator does it for us.

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here and there is no threat to the species.

That last statement leaves me open to abuse but just trying to be fair and realistic here.


Not abuse I hope!


But there has always been a fisheries issue with the Grey Seal especially, long before this US had an interest. The problem is that the UK are the guardians of just over 50% of the worlds population of this amazing animal. 


Unfortunately, Seals feed with there senses (they are sometimes blind!) and often do not know they are approaching a fish farm and secondly, a fish farm is an unnatural (and bloody ugly looking) addition their natural environment, and clearly, they do not know it's supposed to stay away. It's understandable that a rogue seal will need to be shot, but maybe we need to be more innovative with our methods if we are going to infringe on the territory of a wild animal. 


On the positive side. The Scottish Government statistics  (if people are reporting legally and correctly), show that despite the number of licenses applied for in 2016 compared to the number actually shot is actually extremely low, and with the common seal, often this is zero! http://www.gov.scot/Topics/marine/Licensing/SealLicensing/2011/2016


The number shot has fallen by 80% so there is not really a crisis as far as animal control goes. So I find the US position a bit puzzling.

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