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That's the bit I don't get..

Someone breaks into your home, threatens to "off" you with a weapon (of sorts) and, when you defend yourself, you get arrested and kept in custody...


Getting arrested, OK, the police have to "investigate" but, being denied your freedom by being held in custody when it is  clear to all that you were the victim and, in the circumstances, only used what can be described as reasonable force to defend yourself is beyond me.

No doubt there will be a whole bunch of apologists and stacks of flowers left at the door etc because the scumbag who invaded someone else's property and threatened their life was a "good boy" really and a "pillar of the community".


I suppose that some would prefer that the police were looking for 2 burglars in connection with a murder

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The Police hate anyone showing them up to be the useless, redundant item they have become, as this gent has done. No doubt if the burglars had got away the police wouldn't have even tried to find them. On the flip side the police do an extremely good job of prosecuting motorists for petty offences. Where is this countries priorities? If ANYONE enters your house without invite or just reason then they should accept the potential outcomes! Once again the police arrest and persecute those who only defend themselves or are in the right morally. 

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As I understand it, you are always arrested and charged, as the police do not have the power to "let you off" or decide whether it was reasonable force when its a capital offence, otherwise you might find the police letting people off for killing people they might not like! Anyway, it seems a sensible way to do it. You just hope that when it gets to court it will be sorted in a reasonable manner.

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Does audi-ya-do drive an audi by any chance? Have the police given him a hard time for speeding or

some other "minor" offence perhaps? He seems to despise the police, I wonder why!

The police in this country face a difficult task, they have to face the drunken violent idiots every

weekend in every UK city, and get criticised when someone gets hurt. doesn't matter if it's them it


They track down all sorts of thieves and violent individuals only to see them released by the courts

with a slap on the wrists.

They chase car thieves and send them to court, see them released, and chase them again the next

weekend when they steal another car.

Police get hurt on a regular basis by drunken violent idiots when they should taser them immediately.

Why should they struggle with these people, why not just taser them after one warning. If the offender

gets hurt it's his own fault.

Police were on the front line with the nerve gas incident, and always during terrorist incidents.

If you get prosecuted for a minor traffic offence, well, you took your chances, stop bleating about

it, and pay up. Nobody to blame but yourself. Cry in your beer if you must.

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