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Not supporting anyone in particular, but been watching some matches.


Can't get over the level of attempted "cheating" going on over the new VAR system being used.  Quite amusing to see a bunch of over-rated, over-paid prima donnas trying to con the referees into stopping play to review(?) some very minor incidents(?).  It's a "contact" sport for crying out loud..


Increasing the number of participating teams from 24 to 32 has, imho, been a "bad" thing as it has let in a number of "no hopers" who are doing so much damage to the already tarnished(?) image we have of football with all their diving, feigning injury, and general play acting to the referee.  They are also guilty of a level of foul play that could possibly cause someone a serious injury.

In fairness, some of the more established teams do this as well, but they are much better at it.. :razz: .

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So far the most entertaining thing I've found about the whole thing is Putin inviting the old disgraced head of its governing body to be his guest at it, despite the governing body banning the guy from being near anything of their's.


Whatever else you think of Putin, you gotta admire his twisted sense of humour. :D

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England seem to be doing rather well in the World Cup, we must pull together as a nation to support them.

I'm certainly sure that the English are supporting themselves, whereas humanity..........


I must ask why this thread is titled, "United Kingdom", when it has nothing to do with your United Kingdom? It is solely about two things, England and football.

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While there has always been friendly rivalry in sport amongst the home countries of the UK, it used to be that each nation supported the other  against the rest of the world  Nowadays the nasty nationalist elements have ramped up this anti English thing to the point of supporting anyone else. Unfortunately this brings out the worst in nationalism. I have considered voting for independence, but this kind of behaviour puts me off.

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I love the faux outrage when people try and paint non English people from the UK who don't support England as anti English.

When England were 5-0 up against Panama the English crowd were singing "Are you Scotland in disguise?" Did I feel offended? nope, It's banter, our English cousins are perfectly welcome to mock the shortcomings of our national team. Equally, the Welsh, Scots and Northern Irish shouldn't feel any guilt about wanting them to get beat if they so wish. That's football.

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Ha ha ... though I thought the new SNP t-shirts being sold on ebay were funnier ....


SNP  (Scotland's not playing) 






As a meme doing the rounds on F/B at the mo says....


'Remember, England beating Panama is the equivalent of beating Stevie Wonder at darts'.

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