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As if there is anyone left in the UK who doesn't know the result against Columbia.  I seems that a certain Mr "hand of god" Maradonna has something to say about it... 




According to the BBC, Mr Maradonna has spoken particularly about England commiting a "monumental robbery", as opposed to the U. K. As stated in the artical commented on, it is said about Maradonna that, "He only spoke English, some bias was certain", but it doesn't tell us which language he only spoke English in :cool:

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Funny this, after seeing TV cameras and journalists asking Scots and Welsh in cringeworthy voxpop street polls if they were supporting their neighbours and long time football rivals England in the World cup, I've not seen one single Englishman asked if they'll be supporting their neighbours France in the final after getting knocked out and not having a stake in the outcome themselves.

Very strange. One of life's little mysteries I suppose.

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As the song goes

"...we're playing for England, En-ger-land..."

In footballing terms the UK only exists as rival neighbouring nations who have a long history of playing against each other, there is no single UK team.

There's two teams in Liverpool, do you think Everton fans support Liverpool when they're not involved in European competition their rivals are involved in? or Man U and Man C? or Rangers and Celtic? etc etc...

Rivalry is the life blood of football.

This is why, although there are exceptions, the vast majority couldn't care less how their neighbouring country and rivals do in competitions and it's not unusual for them to wish failure on eachother, it's just part of the game.

We are still talking about football aren't we?

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