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Tesco Finest Pork and Apple Sausages


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Yes, those Co-op Cumberland ones aren’t bad at all. The best ones came from the butcher that was on the street in Lerwick. Since he left I started getting my sausages from Scalloway Meat Co in Bolts, but I have to say Colin, that they are in second place, plus Cumberlands only seem to be made to order. Recently I have cut back on the sausages and gone to pure meat!


I saw something that interested me online, and that was a tomahawk steak. I had never heard of that cut before.


Back on sausages, the best cooking method seems to be to grill them.

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Somewhat akin to a meat-like product.....


Yup, that's Tesco Finest "meat" everything, and its all downhill from there with their cheaper own brand labels.


Doesn't look much like meat....


Doesn't smell much like meat....


Doesn't taste of......anything.


Awful lot of water seems to cook out of it....

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