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Best pub in Lerwick?


Best place to go for a pint in Lerwick?  

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  1. 1. Best place to go for a pint in Lerwick?

    • Marlex
    • Flints
    • Legion
    • Da Noost
    • Lounge
    • Baroc
    • Thule
    • Mooney's Wake
    • Other

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Mmmmm where to start! All the usual suspects have faults so its hard to pick any of them, for a reasonable pint da Legion aint bad for starting a night off as its that wee bit cheaper, but do remember not to stay there to long, get tanked up n go!



Thule Bar: Shocking pool tables, one is covered with torn cloth, the toilets smell as if a skunk has curled up somewhere and died, and what the hell is wrong with the staff?, attitude or what...you can stand waiting to get served and they'll just ignore you


Marlex: The scum side (pool table half) is so short o seats and the ones that are there seem like they've come out o a dolls house... there so small n uncomfortable.


Da Wheel: Generally the place is a dive, the seating downstairs has never had a clean in god knows how long, if you to sit downstairs for christ sake check the area you intend to sit on as it is sometimes soaking!


Flints: Another offender thats a rathole, its a wonder anybody has'nt got the plague from that place, and the cost of a pint is a disgrace. Upstairs sometimes resembles a squat with, cans, litter, gum, alcohol on the floor, along with an ocean of urine for good measure seeping from the bogs....


Da Noost: Needs a new carpet.. the one that's there saw action during the boer war!, oh god the downstairs toilet...mold growing on the walls , yuck.


Lounge: Best of a bad bunch, wish it was bigger, and why must all of Jim Taits painting be of rough seas? can't he calm it down a bit...


Taking all of the above into account Lerwicks pubs are in a world of their own :D :D

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i'm sure i heard a while back that they were refurbishing the back bar of the queens with a view to reopening it, does anyone know if that's the case?


Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2007

The refurbishment on the back bar of the Queens should be complete within the next couple of months.


From here, about half down: http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2053

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