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Moving to Yell as a single person


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I thought about that but I can’t really risk temperature changes in the car as Newfies overheat extremely easily and he’s also an anxious soul so I think he would either suffer heatstroke or completely wreck my car. I’ll speak to NorthLink again but if they say no then maybe I’ll have to look at the route to Orkney and then up to Shetland or something. It would be ridiculous if there wasn’t a way to get a dog up there!

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I take my Icelandic horses to and from Shetland on the boat in my horsevan.


To stop them overheating and to maintain a good thru-flow of air, I bought two small battery powered desk fans which we put on as we board the boat.  I also open all windows and give them unlimited water, popping down at midnight (with the crew's permission) to check everyone is fine and give more water if required.


With dogs, when I have travelled them in my car, I have done the same - gone down at midnight and walked my dog about so he could have a pee on the cardeck.  The dog was absolutely fine in the morning.


Apart from lights always being on the cardeck, the car doesn't actually get that hot and all my dogs (and horses) have travelled fine, not over-heating and not minding in the slightest.


I probably worry more upstairs in my cabin! :oops:

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Well I hope you can work something out. Frances offers some sage advice and I can't imagine the car deck being anywhere close to warm through the night. I do get the fear of climbing into your car come the morning though... only to find it filled with chewed up seat foam and a dog with "Who me?" written all over their face ;) Perhaps a vet could advise on a little something to calm his nerves?


And, unless you're hell-bent on living on an island off and island, I wouldn't rule out being able to afford a house on the mainland. Properties "full of country charm" [read: old and needing work] can be had for a good price. We got our house down the south end for the asking price FWIW. It could be worth renting for a few months (if you can find somewhere to rent!) which would give you time to look around, get a feel for the place and not end up with a house and the desire to move back south 6 months down the line.

It'd also easy finding work if you're better able to accomodate unusual shifts (I have first hand experience of nursing shift "patterns" at the Gilbert Bain and others in the caring professions who all do night shifts in amongst seemingly random daily shifts. I take my hat off to them, I really do!

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The council do indeed pay more than the NHS! I have just got home from the supermarket where I had to have the police follow me home because I was being followed by a black car... this kind of behaviour really is one of the reasons why I want to at least try somewhere with communities and nice people.


As for housing, I have seen an old school house on the north of the mainland that is up for sale but most of the nicest (and affordable for my budget) housing seems to be on Yell.

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> I have no idea how to get him there.

Maybe someone knows someone who is coming by their own boat/etc. and can give you and your dog a lift.

If you could find a neighbour/etc. to babysit your dog if need be, that could be one solution to concerns about getting home to your dog.

If dog by car, would recommend a kennel inside it !

Social wise, I'd say its pretty difficult to meet anyone !

But you can be just as lonely in a big city..

Most houses have very tiny gardens (Crofting laws..), but occasionally something with a few acres comes up.

We wanted to grow our own stuff up here, but ended up with a small garden not suited for that. (I want greenhouses!)

What sort of budget do you have property wise ?

It is much nicer here re. crime/etc.
(Moved here nearly 3 years ago.)
Cleaner air/water, less traffic.

Shopping cheaply Tesco, so a good mpg vehicle is recommended, but factor in the cost of ferry trips, so stock up in fewer trips than lots of little trips.
(A big 400 litre fridge and freezer can help there for example, though we do get power cuts, but they don't seem to last too long, so only really a concern if you are watching TV, but you could always have a backup powersupply and then only worry if the local TV transmitter loses power too. :-) )

Online shopping (Dogfood for example.), though some things can be difficult to get shipped here, things too big (TV), or liquids. (Varnish for example, aerosols over 300ml)

Depending upon the design/placement/system of your home, heating can be expensive, so if its a wooden place on top of a hill, it could get pricey. (And as most have tiny gardens, its not like you can plant trees around it, though a short stone wall can help.)

We live in a nice cosy exterior insulted concrete building, and heating costs are on par with mains gas (Which we don't have up here..), even though its storage heaters.

Sewage is another concern, not everywhere is on the mains !

Some buildings have nice steel roof's which don't blow off easily (But do rust..), or heavy concrete tiles.

I'm not awfully fond of ordinary tiles myself, and you can often see on roof's where they have had repairs done/etc. to give you some idea of how often there is a roof problem. (I guess if you go for a single story building, it would easier to fix yourself!)

Windows seem to manage ok, though sometimes double glazing units do lose their seal, I guess because they aren't designed for such high winds speeds.

You might also want to check internet connection options, because if you live far from an exchange, your speed could be awful.
(One reason we went for this spot as its not far from the exchange and we get around 8.3Mbit ADSL, no fibre yet for a while..)

Satellite TV, unless you are lucky and there aren't big hills in the way to reach the main terrestrial Transmitter not far from Lerwick. (Otherwise its a local reduced channel list transmitter..)

Some links you may find useful:

Seems to be the best site which lists the most jobs you can find here. ( www.indeed.co.uk is another, but it doesn't seem to catch so many.)














Not all links are current, but copied browser favourites from a couple of years ago.

You may need to either change your mobile provider, or get two SIM's/phones in case you end up living in an area with no coverage for your current provider.

I found the Facebook property page perhaps the most useful, as it tends to have most property from other websites posted there, though not all !

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Someone was telling me that the kennels on the ferry are pretty big, so perhaps if someone could check on their sizes/take pictures, you dog might fit.


Said someone was also telling me, you can book a floor kennel, rather than having to lift your dog up to the higher up ones.


Someone else was also telling me about such kennels being a potential source of kennel cough, so you might want to be sure your dog has had all of its shots/etc. before letting it share such surroundings.

Related link:

> Kennel Cough: Signs and Symptoms


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cant speak about the rest of your plans, but re the dog in the kennels.


They would be a bit tight for a new Newfoundland but are manageable just, we brought up our Mastiff on the boat and thankfully the crew took pity on him and moved him into the Coffin room.. thankfully no other residents in the room at the time. but you might be lucky and get the same treatment.

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cant speak about the rest of your plans, but re the dog in the kennels.


They would be a bit tight for a new Newfoundland but are manageable just, we brought up our Mastiff on the boat and thankfully the crew took pity on him and moved him into the Coffin room.. thankfully no other residents in the room at the time. but you might be lucky and get the same treatment.

I suspect that your dog wouldn't have got the option if there had been a "resident" already, can you imagine that combination!

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Re. cars, not all dealerships are available here, Citroen went not so long ago for example.


Getting things fixed here is more difficult, not just cars !


For example, chipped windscreen, they don't come out to you..


autoglass come to your door in shetland just the same as anywhere else



Didn't come to my door either. They did however drop me in town and then picked me up again when the job was finished.

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