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Tether your Wheelie bin solution and Cheap!

Zero waste

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I rather like that, I wonder where the cheapest place here to get one of those latches would be ?


I think they are around £8 on Ebay.



Now we just need something to hold the lid down well at the front, and keep the bottom of the bin in place. :-)


It's sounding like it will have to be something more like one of these to solve that issue:


Though I reckon they have the doors on the wrong side !

As the handles are going to not be at the front otherwise.

And probably sliding doors, or the wind will take them off !

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Perhaps we could make them out of recycled glass, as don't we have a lot of that sitting around. :-)

Maybe they could start making glass Lego like bricks and we could build all manner of things..

Related link:

> Elon Musk’s Boring Company unveils bricks being produced from dirt dug in its tunnels


> suggested that the company could sell them for just 10 cents in order to get rid of the dirt.

I think they are being sold for $1 a piece last time I heard.

Then maybe we could do the same when we start building our tunnels . . .

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