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Wheeeeeeeee! (**Drunk Zone!** )


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no work all weekend 16 unopened buds, 3 or 4 down but it's early days and in that I mean it's 3.27am but god loves a tryer and I have much to amend there for, so I shall persevere.

Please be kinding an ignore posts placed between now and......erm.....well to be honest I'd use it as a general rule if I were you.

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And I've drunk diesel (accidentally, you understand)


managed to drink petrol once ..... slight accident with a rusty fuel tank while laying under the car :(

didn't taste too good and certainly the resulting breath could be a problem if ya smoke :wink:

mind you - petrol in the mouth is better than in the eye.... that hurt :cry:

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I've sussed it! Da Shetland flag day haes tae be 29 Febwoory, or dat hoor dat's lost atween midnight an' moarnin' at da changin o' da clocks! No sure whit treed I should be postin' apu, bit comes dis time ida moarn...? It's no sae bad. Fly the flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bearin' in mind - a'm two hoors aheed, anadarest!

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