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Shetland Space Centre


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The Shetland Space Centre is probably going to be built in Unst relatively soon and will hopefully operate for centuries, finding out a lot about the universe that we, and our planet, are in. There will possibly be a fair number of people employed there and if so, some other businesses will benefit from the new Space Centre.


What does everybody think about this? Will it be good, bad or indifferent? Will it allow us to learn a whole lot more about both planet earth, the other planets around us and the other suns that exist?

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There's always the capacity to learn something, but is there the will to do something with the knowledge gained that really benefits human kind as a whole? Everyone knows by now I'm sure, how to take care of this planet but we still don't. We let short term benefits & conveniences for individuals get in the way of what is best for our planet & therefore what is best for humanity. If there is jobs & money in it for the short term at least, then it will no doubt go ahead whatever the long term benefits. I'm not especially for or against it, just sceptical about humanity. Maybe you've caught me in a bad mood.

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There's always the capacity to learn something, but is there the will to do something with the knowledge gained that really benefits human kind as a whole?

That makes me think that although mankind has discovered a lot of things, and also invented a lot of things, at the time these new things weren't really appreciated in a way that they could and should have been. It wasn't used to help or benefit Joe Public for a good length of time until some people worked out how to make money from it. That might just happen again. Man may well discover a lot of new stuff, or discover a lot of new ways to do a job, that has taken decades, centuries, to do before. It may have been very expensive before and it may have taken an awful long to to do the job.


These changes might be discovered out there in space. It all may well be a huge benefit to mankind. It may not work like that, it might be a great waste of time, but we won't know until we find out and if we don't find out then we'll never really know, and if we don't find out we'll remain ignorant and uninformed.


That's my viewpoint but there may be a huge number of peeps that think differently. They may be right or they may be wrong. Hopefully we'll find it all out pretty soon.

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I’m not so sure that this space centre is about space exploration but more about providing us in the UK with our own communications and GPS satellites so we no longer have to rely and possibly pay to use those of other countries.



We need more accurate and secure communications of our own probably as a safe guard should this country ever have a disagreement with those already providing our comms.



Should this station go ahead it will provide employment, but one has to remember what those satellites are all about, to provide better GPS so as driverless cars ,robots, drones ect ,ect can be further developed probably putting many out of work .


We cannot hold back technology, so what will come will come but to many of us of a certain age we can look back and see the many good well paid jobs that have disappeared from Shetland as technology has developed 

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A space station would bring in both workers and tourists alike and anyone coming on the airplane will not be bringing a car, so better bus services and more amenities to be considered for the extra traffic this would bring perhaps?

We had a talk about where CoOp, Aldi or Lidl might be best setting up shop, maybe this is relevant.



ideally more houses and amenities for those going to the space station should be encouraged, problem is if you buy land and try to build something somebody is going to run straight to you with a giant list of what you cant do or just plain deny you.

Unless you are a massive company that also feeds of the taxpayer!



More thought to go into reluctance to allow new housing stock to be built and lack of effort to chase after nuisance derelict property owners with the double council tax bills they are authorised to charge and loosen their grip.


If somebody doesn’t get to fix or build a house they don’t get to hire builders etc and if there are to be new developments suitable housing must be allowed to come into being or else those you want to work there will just crunch the numbers and conclude the juice is not worth the squeeze.


Bus services up north leave something to be desired so tourism will be crippled by this and from what I gather the loss of the airport has driven a few away in search of work.



they say the council cant even afford a school bus since the area is not as profitable, now a central bus station possibly at Tingwall would cut off the Lerwick leg of the journey for some buses going north so that could make them more commercially viable.


housing reforms that could lead to more revenue being collected, one possible way would be nationalisation of rentals with long term tenants who have no trouble paying by exchanging them for bonds based on either current appraisal or purchase price of the property allows the profits to be collected by the councils and the cost of the house could be recouped via right to buy and fill the coffers whilst the landlord(who except in cases with crap tenants is an overpriced middleman who exists solely because mortgages are too hard to get for under 40s) can move onto another property or cash in the bond a few years later to take a bit of weight of the public shoulders.


System of social needs points are almost designed to saddle areas with tenants least able to pay by putting the most capable at the back of the line.


So you have the space station, what will we find or hope to see built along the road to it?

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So you have the space station, what will we find or hope to see built along the road to it?


A chocolate watch factory?


Yarn, yarn, yarn.
Yack, yack, yack.
Chit-chat, chit-chat, chit-chat.
Blether, blether, blether.
Waffle, waffle, waffle.
Blah, blah, blah.
Yawn out loud. 
Aw jings, is it that time already??? Definitely need to go to bed, whether it's morning, noon or night.
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So you have the space station, what will we find or hope to see built along the road to it?


A chocolate watch factory?



Infrastructure and residential areas around the space station are just a relevant as anything else,

better the supply chain the more cost efficient the space station can be.


Why not have a chocolate watch factory?

improve the roads get one put up there and once environmental health has given it the all clear lets see those yummy watches come off the conveyor belt.



The building is too expensive: Pay double so somebody else can have the benefits of the mortgage.

The building is abandoned: Owner says this house will be lived in over their dead body.

You own the land and want to build something: you cannot build a building here because planning is denied

Ask council or housing association for the use of a building: Nothing in stock!


What if you need a building for that chocolate watch factory?

we have a situation where the recession will get worse because existing jobs disappear and we have a situation that makes even attempting to start new companies to get stuff going again will just mean 90% of the budget flushed away on the land itself and hardly anybody able to move nearer to work even if they wanted to.


This is not exclusively a Shetland problem its a UK wide problem, refusing to let anybody even try to regenerate some areas and everyone forced to move to a few increasing smaller areas where jobs are allowed to come into being.


not even an issue of funding i am talking about when a guy buys a plot and wants to build something, unless he is a gigantic corporation with politicians in this pocket he is out of luck.


how do we capitalize on the space station is a perfectly relevant question for this topic, is it not?

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I love grammar, good spelling and sentence construction. 

I admit, though, I am not perfect when I am writing, but I do try.  (And I love a comma), (and I love brackets), (and I am trying very hard not to love a million exclammation marks!!!!) and..... I watch no Youtube films in anyone's posts unless they are totally relevant to Shetland, have Shetland in them or I made them.


And long answers.  Jeezo. I get bored of reading.

And when a topic starts to veer off because someone has a grudge or just wants to make their point regardless of the ruddy original post where, tbh, very often a simple yes or no type reply would do fairly sufficiently.


I digress.  Space..... it's out there. That's all I know.


To quote DNA "Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.”

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I'm very grateful that my uncle was never called, "Jerk", as it would probably have made his life very difficult.


Right, time to go back on about the Shetland Space Centre. Lower case or upper case is, obviously, irrelevant, (We won't mention the full stops, question marks or exclamation marks - this week!).


Just like Uncle Jack, or Jerk, whatever he was called. At the end of the day, who really cares what he was callled or thought about. After all, he may well have been left handed and, therefore, facing the other way.


Will they ever open a petrol station anywhere near the Space Station, does anybody care, and if they do would they be good enough to get me five gallons of diesel in an old plastic can?

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