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Shetland Space Centre


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Mr Povlsen objected to the development on environmental grounds and later announced he had invested more than £1.4 million in a rival spaceport in Shetland.

Dat's an expensive wye tae tak on da planning department  :smile:

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I see on the Shetland Times that Lockheed Martin have released a video to help show what a launch may look like. While my childlike excitement levels at the thought of such a spectacle saw a major uptick... I did wonder what just such an event would do to all wildlife within *gestures wildly in all directions* miles away. It would likely be a good day for manure collection I fear.


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^^However, the Shetland Space Centre states online that it is "The UK's premier satellite launch location."

As if we really needed yet another reason to vote S.N.P.:ponders:

^And if I had another two or three nuts, I'd never stop talking about it - full volume. I'd also talk loudly about my nu......

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