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Culture Strategy for Scotland consultation

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Well hymn singing can ofcourse be enjoyed by anybody for any reason though I don't recall even one incidence of anyone I went to school with being even a little keen on taking part. We were all into either country & western music (very popular in Shetland then with all ages but not born of our culture) or the pop music of the day. I'm not denying it was part of our culture but that was for a reason, that being that Christianity was more actively practiced in the past. People have chosen not to or at least changed the ways they practice religion in the UK as a whole now. All parts of our (& others) culture stemmed from some reasoning & it adapts over time with people's needs & wants. Being nostalgic for the old tradition of singing hymns at school is fine, nice if you have happy memories of that. If you do I can understand you wanting the younger generations to "benefit" too. The trouble is generations don't always share the same view on what is beneficial. As far as I know, most if not all schools have some sort of singing lessons & I'm guessing the kids enjoy that more than hymns at assembly. I know my offspring did, though now out of school ten years. The three schools (2 primarys & a secondary) I attended in Shetland have all been rebuilt since my days & now have halls so they are able to have assemblys. I've not heard that hymn singing has been dropped from the curriculum, can anyone with school age kids or relatives enlighten us? I don't see any evidence that incoming influences have had a relevant effect on this part of our culture.

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Did anybody turn up last night to make their views known?


I went along and dir wis about 30 folk there from a range of backgrounds. One of the themes that emerged was trying to avoid a 'one size fits all' approach and valuing local priorities. In that respect, there weren't any thoughts about trying to have a Shetland wide submission and aabody was encouraged to submit their own, or their organisations', responses.


A challenge in drafting a national Cultural Strategy is finding the balance between it being focused enough to have clarity but flexible enough to be applied at a local level.


Another strong theme in the conversations I was part of was valuing and recognising the work of volunteers, whilst balancing that with developing the economic side of culture and the Creative Industries.


There's been some really interesting comments and themes raised in this thread, and it would be great if you guys could take the time to fill out the online consultation document. The more diverse voices the better - https://consult.gov.scot/culture-tourism-and-major-events/culture-strategy- and you can't say they didn't ask  ;-)

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