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The Local NHS.....Paths......and a *Shelter*.....


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What the actual........is this...........




They have waiting lists and unfilled job appointments stretching from here to the middle of hell, they're greetin about going over budget left, right and centre, and seem frequently incapable o' mawin da grain o' girse aboot dir ain doors.... Yet they have time, money and other resources for this. WTF!

Will they have district heating !

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They claim to have recieved "funding" so, it must be a "budget" thing.


What gets me is;

Why couldn't they just erect a good old-fashioned "3 walls and a bench" type shelter ?


Instead, we are going to get something that is either a yoal, a broch, or a squeezebox (?). 


I suppose they just had to pay something to a "design consultant".  Little wonder that they are in the sh*t financially.

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Should be cheap enough to put something up made of say, oh I don't know, something a bit wind resistant, like stone..

We have lots of stone, its about £35 a ton isn't it ?

Or folk could just donate a rock or two when they pass. :-)

These seem more suitable to me, or perhaps a combination of designs, as you want something with a roof for when its raining cat & dogs..

But not the kind of roof that blows away in high winds..



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I'm left wondering how this proposed shelter will be 'healthy' - considering its most prolific users are most likely to be alkis looking to get pissed and sleep it off in relative peace, smackheads shooting up and adolescent teens performing carnal experimentation.



Yeah but they'll be doing it in the healthy sea air with the benefit of a good view, so good for the soul!

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I wonder if folk here have been too busy getting torn into the one design they don't like to notice the others ;-)




I quite like the 'Yoal Shelters' 


Reusing unused rowing boats from around the islands to create a series of shelters along the path (single or in groups of 2 or 3)    
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