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The Doomsday Code. Have you been saved?


Do you believe we are living in the End Times?  

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  1. 1. Do you believe we are living in the End Times?

    • No, don't be silly. It's just a load of fairy tales
    • Yes, prepare your soul for judgement!

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I watched Tony Robinsons program last night about the End Timers and the book of Revelation. This is scary stuff. The way these fanatics are actively working to bring about Doomsday is terrifying.


The more I learn about organised monotheistic religion, the stronger my belief that it is a corrosive, poisonous viral meme that has polluted the human psyche for the last two thousand years. (try saying that with your mouth full)


My solution? Bomb the churches, burn the mosque's, shoot the priests and, above all, burn the books! :twisted:


Oh, and in the meantime, keep this sh*t out of our schools.

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No doubt it's nothing more than a sudden onset of shallowness on my part, but I simply cannot take any of this presenter's work seriously.


Robinson's mannerisms and on camera antics completely obliterate any message he may be trying to put across, regardless of their validity or seriousness. Besides, how do you get rid of the permanent picture in your mind of a guttery Baldrick in WWI battledress platching trow trenches, that appears the second you catch a swatch of the guy's mug! :?

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I am just dumbfounded these are the people who the world leaders seem to look up to!


Tony talking about christian values, when these people have no faith at all. We are all here; now, and you want to cause conflict so you can bring about the apocalypse then get whisked off to heaven and leave the rest of us to rot! How christian.


If I hadn't realised that it is just a story and always will be, I probably would be actively trying to kill you, now!


I apologise for any offence in this post, I am not getting at your religion, just what you allow to be done in the name of your religion.

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The Rapture index is a scary concept it subverts any attempts decent people make to try to improve the world we live in.


We say cut greenhouse gas emissions they say increase them so we can be closer to god. It is a very dangerous banch of religious fundamentalism, especially as they have links to some of the most powerful individuals on this planet. Far more worrying than the bearded one who lives in a cave.

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